Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My first client.... sorta

Hello :]

Today a friend of my mum's came to stay for a few days. She long enough nails for me to do a decent design, and when she saw my stash, she did fangirl... just a bit ;] Anyway, she gave me two colours she wanted. Black and Yellow. So I used N.Y.C Banana Split and Ulta 3 Black Satin. See below for photos~

Sorry for the terrible photos. but they show the design well enough. For the gold hexes I used BYS Pot of Gold, just to spice the mani up. She was really happy with the design and wants me to do her nails again next time she comes. I used Nail Art Brushes & Dotting tools for the design.

What do you think?

Shaina :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Glitter Me Up Friday- A real stunner ;)

Hi :)

Here's another GMU Friday post. Today I'm showcasing the stunning Diamond Glitter Aquamarine.

 I found it at Kmart last weekend, and have been waiting for GMU Friday to come around to post about it. Kmart has recently redone their Nail Polish displays, so get in a check them out. BYS used to be hidden in a corner, under a lot of stuff. I think I'm the only one who even knew it was there to be quiet honest. Anyway, I checked in my 'secret' spot last weekend, and all that was left were dingy old split colours. I then went to buy some pyjamas, and on my way there, I saw it. A beautiful array of colours, from MATTE, to GLAM.

 I absolutely love this colour.. It's a jelly blue base that is quiet sheer, so you can layer it, and its full of tiny little silver circular glitter, and some slightly bigger, silver hexes. It was beautifully covered in 3 coats and it looks amazing. Have a look at the photos below, and be amazed at the absolute gorgeousness of this colour.

Natural Light


I used Ulta 3 base coat (clear) and I used no top coat. Look at this glittery goodness close up;

How pretty, right? I loooooove this colour. It kinda reminds me of a swimming pool. A very glittery swimming pool. This is DEFINITELY my new favourite Nail Polish.

Do you like it as much as I do?

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Updates & Gradient Nails

Hi Everyone (:

So it's been 10 days since I posted :( My camera has been dead, and I've been working on something pretty cool. I've been working on a facebook page to sell some fake nails. The nails I have up there now aren't that good, but I'm working on some more. If you could all please like the page, it would be greatly appreciated http://www.facebook.com/LalaLovelyNails

I've also tried some gradient nails using a tutorial I found *here* before this tutorial my attempts were extremely horrible. See below for some pretty photos  ♥

I used Ulta 3 Strawberry Sundae & Blue Heaven.

I think the mistake I made was I used WHITE as the base color. I should have used the pink, like it said in the tutorial. But me thinking I know it all, didnt listen lol.


No Flash

Alsooo, I couldnt find just a square sponge, so I went to my local Price's Plus store and got some Christmas shaped ones. All I then was cut it up into rectangles and squares.

Shaina ♥

Monday, May 14, 2012

Blog Updates

Hi Lovelies (:

I've made a few updates, some very obvious. I've changed the theme to what I think is a better, more organised and one that suits me better. The pages can now be found on the sidebar under 'Followers'. I've also decided to start blogging about some beauty items, I will now be reviewing not only nail polish, but hair products, skin care products and on the rare occasion, make up. I've decided that this is the best thing for me because lately, I've been obsessed with hair.

I want to also welcome guest posts now. So if you would like to apply please click this link ---> http://sgnails.blogspot.com.au/p/guess-post-application.html

That is all for now,
Shaina (: xx

Friday, May 11, 2012

Glitter Me Up Friday (a day late I know) & Some other cool stuff.

Hi Everyone :)

It's been a while since I posted last. I've really had a lot of stuff to do. But even though my nails are still short, I couldn't resist showing off some glitter this Friday. I promise to post more this week, my school is going on camp, and I've decided to sit it out. So some free time! Yay!!

Ok, so on with GMU. I couldn't help not posting this week.

I used N.Y.C. Banana Split for the base coat (yellow). It's a creme that is really hard to work with, I wouldn't recommend it. The glitter I used was Leana Cosmetics, Color 48 (Muli Colored Glitter as described on bottle.)

N.Y.C Banana Split, Leana Cosmetics Color 48

I also took a macro of my nails, and the actual bottle of glitter.

Left: Leana Cosmetics Color 48 over N.Y.C Banana Split.
Right: Leana Cosmetics Color 48 (bottle)

I think it looks prettier on my nails than in the bottle, even though the yellow was a pain.

The other lovely Glitter Me Up Friday Participants;
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Mam Glam from GlamOnTheCheap

I am also having a giveaway at 30 followers, so tell your friends to follow!! 

I've also been nominated for a few awards, and I will post about these later this week.

Shaina :)
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