Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Updates & Gradient Nails

Hi Everyone (:

So it's been 10 days since I posted :( My camera has been dead, and I've been working on something pretty cool. I've been working on a facebook page to sell some fake nails. The nails I have up there now aren't that good, but I'm working on some more. If you could all please like the page, it would be greatly appreciated

I've also tried some gradient nails using a tutorial I found *here* before this tutorial my attempts were extremely horrible. See below for some pretty photos  ♥

I used Ulta 3 Strawberry Sundae & Blue Heaven.

I think the mistake I made was I used WHITE as the base color. I should have used the pink, like it said in the tutorial. But me thinking I know it all, didnt listen lol.


No Flash

Alsooo, I couldnt find just a square sponge, so I went to my local Price's Plus store and got some Christmas shaped ones. All I then was cut it up into rectangles and squares.

Shaina ♥

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