Thursday, April 5, 2012

China Glaze- Matte Magic Review

Hello :)

Something really exciting is happening in this post today, I'm using my own swatches!!! These are photos I've taken myself, so forgive me if they suck, they do show the main point though-- the matte.

Today I'm reviewing my first ever bottle of Chine Glaze, the first bottle I ever purchased of China Glaze. I had high expectations of this matte polish, and boy were they fulfilled. Read below for my most exciting review yet.

First up the Positives. I LOVE this matte polish. It's amazing, I could go ON AND ON using words to describe this AMAZING nail polish. I bought this item off eBay and it got to me over night, how fabo. I got to try it straight away, so I did some Easter nails. I fell in love. Then I did my current mani. This polish is great, I don't have to but matte polishes to get this affect, just add the matte magic top coat. The bottle was $9 with postage which was a bargain. It also lasts a long time, and seems to protect my nails better than my Sally Hansen top coat. I did some swatches on my swatch cardboard and painted half of the color matte and you can really see the different and fell it too. I don't love glossy top coats all the time, when I feel them, they seem 'sticky' like your finger gets caught, soft but it gets caught-- if you know what I mean. This matte polish when I feel it, it's like soft sand paper heaven. I just wanna keep touching my nails, which makes me look just the slightest bit weird in public. Everything about this polish I love. The formula is great, it's just amazing, nice and thin, but not yucky and runny.

Now for the negatives. For me, there are NONE!!! Ok, so there is just one. I want a bigger bottle of this stuff!!! I only have a cute 9.6ml bottle, so if any of you know where I can get a bigger bottle in Australia, let me know ;)

Here are the photos I took of my nails (: Sorry they aren't that good, it was my first time.

Natural Light


Sorry for the messy nails, I didn't have time to clean them.

Shaina (:


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