Thursday, March 22, 2012

First Ever Review!

Hello nail polish fans of the world!

Today I'm going to review OPI's Pirates of the Caribbean collection with the silver crack polish.

I bought this set off eBay about a month ago, all together it cost me $108 with postage. This was my first OPI collection and my first ever bottle of OPI.

  • Good consistency 
  • Fabulous colors
  • Good value for size
  • I also found that the OPI shatter works MUCH better than the BYS shatter (not saying I don't love both)
  • I loved that there were a couple of vibrant colors and some 'dim' colors
  • THE SHATTER DOESNT WASH OFF IF IT DOESN'T HAVE A TOP COAT!!!! (This is something major for me seeing as BYS does and it kinda put me off)

  • I found that after about three nails the shatter gets thick so you have to shake it up again
  • You have to do at least 3 coats if you want a bold color (not that you don't have to do this for any other polish)
  • Steady as she rose is actually a purpley grey 

Really this is a GREAT set and I really love it, Planks A Lot is my go to purple and I'm in love with Sparrow Me the Drama. 

Comment and tell me what you think of this collection!!

Shaina :)

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