Monday, April 9, 2012

Dotting Tools are here!!!

Hello Everybody!!

Guess what just got here??? Okay, so the title kinda gives it away, MY DOTTING TOOLS!! I ordered these off eBay last week and they got here this morning (Pretty quick seeing as they were from Tasmania).  I did a cute little Flower mani as soon as I got them. They were really easy to use, but I found my right hand was better because I was more used to it. I also did a mattte finish top coat, which looks fabo ;D The only thing I dont like is the white on the mani is a bit sheer D:  Look below for pics :)

Flash Fixed

Natural Light

Artificial Light

Shaina (:


  1. Of course I just have to find out that the book you're reading is called "boys of blood and bone" xDDD

    1. haha, how did you find that?? XD It was for english


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