Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Love Hate Relationship With Metallic Polish

Hi Everyone :)

I decided to do a quick post about metallic. For some reason, my family keep buying me metallic nail polish. Most of it I love, but then there is pink and purple..... Some shades of these two just don't suit metallic and for me, they seem dodgy. I remember my first bottle of nail polish was hot pink metallic, at first I loved it, but then I really started to hate it. There was something about the color that really annoyed me. The color was something like this-

There is something about it, I just didn't like it. Like I said, I find the pinks daggy, I would never wear them by themselves. That said, I LOVE some of the pink out there, it's mainly the hot pinks I don't like. Then the purples, there are some of those that I really love too, but some are just disgusting.  Like I said, love hate relationship. I love some and hate others.

What do you guys think of metallics, are there certain colors you just don't like?

I love blues in metallic, they are magic for me <3

Please leave me a comment with your opinion :)

Shaina :)                                                                                                                                                                  

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