Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Leana Cosmetics


Recently I've been on the search for new colors brands ect. to get out there. I found a really cute little brand at my local "Prices Plus" Store that usually only stocks BYS that I've completely bought out. I asked my mum to get me some paddle pop sticks from there 2 days ago, and she quickly phoned me to tell me there was a new stand of nail polish. I went in and found this colorful array of a new brand called Leana Cosmetics. I bought 16 and 4 new storage containers for only $50!! What a bargain!!! Have a look below for photos...

Leana Cosmetics
^^ All 16 polishes ^^

Leana Cosmetics
^^ The worst brush, not that bad really, easy enough to use and the color looks great! ^^

Leana Cosmetics
^^ The fabulous crackle colors I picked up ^^

I really like the crackle, and the glitter is all really fabulous, I made a really vintage type of mani the other day, it just the glitter polish. It looks really nice and I was really happy with it.

I also did a quick google search on this polish and I couldnt find it anywhere, so I just assume its new or no-one has checked it out yet.

Have you ever seen Leana Cosmetics? Send me a comment with your thoughts.



  1. I've never seen Leana polishes before. Looks like a good haul! :)

  2. I haven't seen them either. I don't have a Prices Plus store near me, otherwise I would check them out.

    1. I'm thinking of putting them up on eBay if I buy some more (: They are really good quality for the price I paid


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